Software Frontol WinCE – optimum solution for the following points of sale:

  • Street kiosk
  • Convenience store
  • Fuel station store
  • Over-the-counter sales
  • Souvenir store
  • Newsstands
  • Pavilion in the market or in shopping mall
  • Shops, hair salons
  • Mobile fast-food store
  • Boutique

Purpose: Automation of POS for retail stores and small public catering businesses.

Positioning: Solution for those who want to automate business at minimum costs.

Many companies primarily focus on automation of major retailers, trying to win a tender at any cost and losing profits, and entirely forgeting about the much larger market –that of small businesses. Every day walking in the street we can see small retail outlets with 1-2 cashier’s desks, kiosks, souvenir stores or newsstands, cafes and confectionaries, located all around. Despite their small format they permanently encounter the same problems as large stores:

  • Human factor related errors
  • Assortment of management challenges due to lack of real basis for decision making
  • Discrepancies of accounting, warehouse, stock and cash register data
  • Corrupt practices and negligence of personnel
  • High labour costs of simple operations (credit accounts, inventory accounting)
  • Tightening competition

But all solutions being offered by automation market are overloaded with excessive features, complicated in use and prove to be beyond the means and financial resources of small businesses.

Therefore ATOL offers comprehensive low-cost solution specially designed for small businesses!

The winning formula is very simple:

  1. Terminal Posiflex DT-208
  2. Cash drawer Posiflex CR3100
  3. Customer display PD2605
  4. Printer Posiflex Aura 6800 or Aura 5200
  5. Bar code scanner
  6. ATOL software – Frontol WinCE!

Our solution provides owner of retail store with a range of evident advantages:

  • Affordable price
  • Out-of-the-box all-in-one solution
  • No excessive features for large formats
  • Fast implementation without compatibility issues
  • Compact solution for small businesses
  • Simple solution – easy in use