Facts and Figures

  • ATOL is 12 years old.
  • More than 320 employees work for ATOL.
  • There are 100 employees in R&D team.
  • About 60% of the staff works for ATOL more than 5 years.
  • More than 20% of top managers were promoted from the ordinary positions.
  • Each employee can be promoted for one grade at the career ladder after one year of working for the company.

ATOL Group was founded in 2001. At that time there were 25 people in the company. ATOL’s areas of specialization were software development (“Cashier’s workplace”) and equipment distribution (Metrologic, Zebex and other brand) for trade companies’ automation. That year the first seminar for the partners took place, attended by 20 participants, partner companies of ATOL.

In 2002 ATOL signed agreement with the “SchyetMash” OJSC concerning beginning of fiscal printers “Felix-02” manufacturing. The number of partners was rapidly growing, and in 2002 ATOL had more than 100 partner companies already. The plenty of companies should be taught more systematically than before, that’s why that year ATOL Training Center was founded. During the year ATOL specialists led more than 15 regional seminars basically concerning “Cashier’s workplace” software studying.

In 2003 fiscal printer “Felix-02” became a prize-winner of “The best product of the year” contest. At that moment ATOL together with the Incotex company started to produce Tornado family fiscal printer solutions. Active extension of partners’ network was continuing (more than 200 companies already). That year the fist field seminar for partners took place with more than 50 companies participated in it. There were more than 20 regional seminars in 2003.

2004 was the year of product range extending in ATOL Group. Ranges of ForPOSt POS system, and “Traktir” software as well as Posiflex POS terminals products range extended rapidly. ATOL had more than 300 partners all around Russia. ATOL has been leading about 40 regional seminars a year since 2004. This year ATOL also introduced “MobileLogistics”, its first software release for data collecting terminals.

In 2005 ATOL began to publish its own corporate magazine, “ATOL Digest”. The range of products was extended further, and the number of partners was growing rapidly to more than 450 companies.

2006 was the year of active growth as well. Besides partners’ network development, this year became significant thanks to introducing of the own Frontol.Win32 software solution.

2007 can be considered as a turning point for ATOL. The first Partners’ program, regulated relations between ATOL and its partners, was published this year. The number of partners exceeded more than 600 companies. The first Frontol.CE software release was also introduced in the beginning of this year.

A significant event happened in 2008, ATOL introduced FPrint family fiscal printers of its own development. In February, 2008 it was approved by the government and included into the list of fiscal solutions allowed to be used in Russia. Sales of FPrint began in spring. In summer ATOL gave the market one more line of fiscal printers called Pay and aimed for payment terminals. In autumn FPrint got a certificate of compatibility with 1C. The partners’ program has been implementing during a year.

2009 was one of the most prosperous in the company history. ATOL presented EasyBOX products into the market – the complex solution for small business automation. Moreover, ATOL significantly extended ForPOSt product range, which got specialization by kinds of business and companies’ forms (in trading and catering areas). The regular partners’ conference, which took place that year, was devoted to conception of companies’ survival within the economy crisis times. While developing technologies of studying, ATOL’s specialists led the first Internet conference. Active sales of FPrint and Pay fiscal solutions went on. Pay’s market share amounted 80% of the total number of fiscal solutions installed in payment terminals.

2010 began successfully for ATOL. Exclusive distribution agreements were signed with world leaders Posiflex and Opticon in the beginning of the year. Annual field Partners’ Conference took place in spring. Specialists of ATOL training center initiated developing of distance learning programs. The range of distributing equipment is being widened, and functionality of ATOL’s own Frontol software is being improved.